DS Blade of Hashira Tier List (December 2023) – Best Characters

Embark on a thrilling adventure where battles against demons and the pursuit of justice collide. In this DS Blade of Hashira tier list, we rank the best characters in the game to guide you in assembling a powerful team. Prepare to unleash your skills, strategize your tactics, and triumph over the forces of evil.

Welcome to Demon Slayer Blade of Hashira! This action-packed RPG game takes place in the Taisho Period, where a young boy seeks to save his demon sister and unravel the hidden truth behind their family’s tragedy. With tough battles, fantasy scenes, and a wide range of characters to choose from, DS Blade of Hashira offers an immersive experience.

A DS Blade of Hashira tier list becomes invaluable in identifying the strongest characters and forming an unstoppable team. So let’s dive into the ranks!

Note: We have only focused on ranking SSR and SR units, R characters are not worth it and they usually occupy the last spot on our rankings (F tier).

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May 30, 2023: We have updated our DS Blade of Hashira tier list.

Tier SSS DS Blade of Hashira Characters

Best DS Blade of Hashira Characters

In the SSS tier, we have the epitome of power and skill. These are the best DS Blade of Hashira characters who possess exceptional abilities, devastating attacks, and extraordinary synergy. Unleash their full potential and dominate the battlefield.

  • Gyokko
  • Gyomei Himejima
  • Hashira Shinobu
  • Daki DPS

Tier SS DS Blade of Hashira Characters

Tier SS DS Blade of Hashira Characters

In the SS tier, you’ll find great DS Blade of Hashira units who excel in combat. They possess remarkable strengths and versatile skills, making them valuable assets in any team composition. Stand tall and conquer your foes with these heroes.

  • Akaza
  • Berserk Nezuko
  • Giyu Academy
  • Obanai
  • Kyojuro DEF
  • Shinobu Academy
  • SSR Rui

Tier S DS Blade of Hashira Characters

Tier S DS Blade of Hashira Characters

In the S tier, we have average yet courageous defenders who can withstand formidable challenges. While not as overwhelmingly powerful as higher tiers, these Demon Slayer Blade of Hashira characters offer reliable performance and contribute to your team’s success.

  • Kyojuro Fire Pillar DPS
  • Sabito
  • Sanemi Shinazugawa
  • Tamayo

Tier A DS Blade of Hashira Characters

Tier A DS Blade of Hashira Characters

In the A tier, we have ranked good but kinda average characters. Although they may lack the sheer might of higher-ranked heroes, they can still be of use in niche situations or if you don’t have any other units to play with.

  • Daki DEF
  • Mitsuri
  • Muichiro
  • Sakonji

Tier B DS Blade of Hashira Characters

Tier B DS Blade of Hashira Characters

These DS Blade of Hashira characters are decent, they can be useful, but they’re certainly not the best available options.

  • Hashira Giyu
  • Inosuke
  • Tanjiro Water Breathing
  • Tengen DEF
  • Tengen DPS

Tier C DS Blade of Hashira Characters

Tier C Heroes

The characters in the C tier rank are below average and not recommended, especially for challenging content. It’s best to avoid using them if possible.

  • Makomo
  • Sabito Mask Version
  • Tanjiro Dance Version
  • Zenitsu Sleep
  • Rui

Tier D DS Blade of Hashira Characters

Tier D Units

Attention, fellow adventurers! We must have an honest talk about the heroes in this rank. Truth be told, they aren’t the best, especially when it comes to tackling tough challenges. If you can avoid using them, it’s highly recommended. They might not have the skills and abilities required to conquer the most demanding quests.

  • Enmu
  • Genya Later
  • Inosuke Mask Version
  • Makomo Mask Version
  • Nezuko Academy Version
  • Zenitsu

Remember, aim for characters who possess true strength and potential to lead you to victory!

Tier F DS Blade of Hashira Characters

Tier F Characters

In the F tier, we have the weakest characters in the game. While they may possess potential, they currently lack the strength and versatility of higher-ranked heroes. Not recommended.

  • All the R units.

DS Blade of Hashira Tips For Better Play

Embark on an epic journey through the captivating realm of DS Blade of Hashira! We’ve brewed a magical concoction of tips and tricks to ensure your gameplay soars to new heights. Whether you’re a fledgling hero or a battle-hardened warrior, these nuggets of wisdom will empower you to assemble a divine sisterhood and triumph over every obstacle the game hurls your way. Get ready to unleash your inner Hashira and conquer with style!

  1. Master the combat mechanics: Learn the intricacies of the battle system, including attack combos, dodging, and utilizing special abilities to maximize your effectiveness in combat.
  2. Synergize your team: Build a well-rounded team with characters that complement each other’s skills and abilities. The synergy between heroes can unleash devastating combos and turn the tide of battle in your favor.
  3. Upgrade and evolve: Invest in the growth of your characters by upgrading their skills, leveling them up, and evolving their equipment. Strengthening your heroes will enhance their performance and increase their overall power.
  4. Explore game modes: Take advantage of the various game modes and endless content available. In addition to the main story levels, you can also participate in the top arena fighting to test your skills against players worldwide and experience the thrill of competition and receive rewards.

Final Words

Congratulations on exploring our DS Blade of Hashira tier list! Remember, this ranking is subjective and should serve as a guide.

The true power lies in your strategic decisions and mastery of the game’s mechanics. Unleash your heroism, vanquish the demons, and forge your path to victory.

Don’t forget to also check out our DS Blade of Hashira Codes list so that you can redeem free rewards in-game and make your adventure easier.

DS Blade of Hashira – FAQ

Can I change the tier rankings based on my playstyle?

Absolutely! Tier lists provide a general overview, but individual playstyles and preferences can influence the effectiveness of characters. Feel free to experiment and adapt the rankings to suit your gameplay style.

Are there any hidden gems among the lower-ranked characters?

Yes! Lower-ranked characters may have unique abilities or synergies that make them valuable in specific situations. Don’t underestimate their potential, and explore different team compositions to discover hidden strategies.

Will the DS Blade of Hashira tier list be updated as new characters are introduced?

Yes, we plan to update this tier list in the near future. Tier lists can evolve over time as new updates and characters are released. Stay tuned to the game‘s official channels for updates, balance changes, and the introduction of new heroes that may impact the rankings.

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