Divekick Tier List: Ranking All Fighters (2024)

If you’re still playing this 2D fighter game in 2024, then check out our Divekick tier list.

Divekick’s unique one-hit eliminations and jump/kick-focused movement create a distinct fighting game experience.

Remember, tier lists are a snapshot of the meta; patches and player discoveries can shake things up.

Divekick Tier List 2024

Tier RankCharacter Name
A-TierDr Shoals
A-TierMr N
B-TierKung Pao
B-TierUncle Sensei
B-TierThe Baz
C-TierJohnny Gat

Divekick Tier Explanations

Divekick Tier Explanations
Image source: Iron Galaxy Studios
  • S-Tier: The Unquestioned Queen
    • Redacted – oppressive pressure, potent mix-ups, easy execution compared to others.
  • A-Tier: Powerful and Versatile
    • Each of these are great and strong fighters that can match-up easily with others.
  • B-Tier: Situational Specialists
    • They struggle against higher-ranked characters but still have some niche uses.
  • C-Tier: Underwhelming Options
    • Not that great, these fighters have limited competitive viability.
  • D-Tier: The Meme Pick
    • Johnny Gat – Our favorite Saints Row icon sadly doesn’t translate his badassery into Divekick success. Embrace the chaos and enjoy those rare, hilarious wins when you catch opponents off guard.

Tips for Competitive Divekick

  • Master the Fundamentals: Divekicking and spacing your kicks are crucial. Practice against the AI to develop your timing and precision.
  • Know Your Matchups: Understand how your chosen character interacts with others. Who do you struggle against, and who are you strong against?
  • Mind Games Matter: Fakes, baiting, and conditioning your opponent are as important as technical execution.
  • Defense is Key: Blocking and dodging high-kicks are essential. Don’t get impatient and focus on finding openings rather than always attacking.
  • Watch and Learn: Study top-level play – streams, tournaments, replays – to discover new strategies and refine your own.

Important Considerations

  • Patches Changes can dramatically shift the tier list.
  • Player Skill: Tier lists are guidelines: a skilled player with a low-tier character can beat a less skilled player with a top-tier pick.
  • Playstyle Matchups: Certain characters counter each other, regardless of tier list placement.

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Are tier lists updated frequently?

Yes, we strive to update our tier lists as frequently as new tech is discovered or balance patches occur within the game. But due to the large amount of games we have on our site, this might take a while.

Should I only play top-tier characters?

Nope! Playstyle fit and mastering your character matters more.

Where can I find the latest tier list discussions?

The Divekick Reddit community, dedicated forums, and pro player streams.

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