Blox Fruits Map: Islands, Locations & Level Requirements (Guide)

Blox Fruits players first start off the game in a ship they can use to adventure to various islands where they can hunt and get newer and better Blox Fruits. With our Blox Fruits map guide, we’re going to show you all the level requirements for all the locations and islands in the game, so that you can have an easier time sailing to the correct destination and not get lost on your way there.

Most new Roblox Blox Fruits players will mindlessly sail in a circle because they got lost while following either incorrect directions to an island or location or they didn’t know what path to take.

With our Blox Fruits map complete guide that you will find below, we’re showing you all the locations, and island directions so that you can sail to your destination without getting lost at seas.

So let’s get started.

Blox Fruits Map: Complete Guide & Level Requirements

We’re going to show you a breakdown of the main areas on the Blox Fruits map, namely the First Sea, The Second Sea, and the Third Sea.

Blox Fruits developers have been very active recently, adding new locations to the game every time a new patch is released.

We’ll keep this list updated as long as the game receives more new locations, so make sure to come back here every time a new patch gets released if you want to know the locations and level requirements.

The First Sea

First Sea in Blox Fruits Map
First Sea in Blox Fruits Map / Image Source: Roblox, Blox Fruits

As a new Blox Fruits pirate, you start your journey in the First Sea (also known as the Old World) on a Starter Marine Island or a Starter Pirate Island. From this place, you can start exploring and visiting 13 other landmarks and locations in the area.

Here are the level requirements for the Blox Fruits First Sea map:

LocationBlox Fruits Map Level Requirements
Starter Pirate IslandLevel 0-10
Starter Marine IslandLevel 0-10
JungleLevel 15-30
Pirate VillageLevel 30-60
DesertLevel 60-90
Middle IslandLevel 100
Frozen VillageLevel 90-120
Marine FortressLevel 120-150
SkylandsLevel 150-200 (Additional areas unlocked at Level 450-575)
PrisonLevel 190-275
ColosseumLevel 225-300
Magma VillageLevel 300
Underwater CityLevel 375-450
Fountain CityLevel 625-700

The Second Sea

Second Sea in Blox Fruits Map
Image Source: Blox Fruits, Roblox

The Second Sea which is also known as the New World has 10 different landmarks that are available for Blox Fruits players to explore. The Second Sea map has a lot of fun and exciting places to explore that also introduces a new currency to the players called “Fragments”.

But before you can access the second world, you must first complete the Military Detective NPC quest in the Prison POI. You must be level 700 or above to be able to take this quest.

Here are the level requirements for the Blox Fruits Second Sea map:

LocationMap Level Requirements
Kingdom of RoseLevel 700-850
Usoap’s IslandLevel 700
MansionLevel 1000
Green Zone875-925
GraveyardLevel 950-975
Snow MountainLevel 1000-1050
Hot and ColdLevel 1100-1200
Cursed ShipLevel 1000-1325
Ice CastleLevel 1350-1400
Forgotten IslandLevel 1425-1475
Dark ArenaLevel 1000
The CafeSafe Zone

The Third Sea

Blox Fruits Map: Third Sea
Image Source: Roblox, Blox Fruits

To enter and explore the Third Sea, you need to have at least a level 1500 account. The islands in this sea are larger and continue unique and different locations such as the Sea of Treats which contains another 3 smaller islands.

Here are the level requirements to access the different locations on the Blox Fruits Third Sea map:

LocationBlox Fruits Map Level Requirement
Port TownLevel 1500-1575
Hydra IslandLevel 1575-1675
Great TreeLevel 1700-1750
Floating TurtleLevel 1775-2000
Castle on the SeaSafe Zone
Haunted CastleLevel 1975-2075
Sea of TreatsLevel 2075-2275

Conclusion: Blox Fruits Maps Guide

Hopefully, our Blox Fruits maps guide with different locations and level requirements helps you out in your adventurous journey.

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